Service Comparison

Premier Funeral Service ProviderMinimum Service Provider
Jordan-Fernald Funeral HomeAcadia Burial & Cremation Direct
Arrangements7 days a weekMonday-Friday 9-5
Arrangements made at funeral home or family’s homeArrangements only at ABCD
Pick-up of remains365 day/year, 24 hrs/day (Home transfer 2 or more people)365 days/year, 24hrs/day (Home transfer 1 person)
Obtaining vital statistics
Social Security and state forms completed
Veteran benefit forms
Obituary NoticesWriting and faxing obituary noticesFaxing completed obituary from the family
Refrigeration of remains
ServicesArranging & conducting servicesNo facilities for any services
Visitation Facilities for visitation servicesNo facilities for visitation
Clergy/MusicClergy/musician services arrangedNo clergy/musician arrangements
Floral arrangements Floral arrangements and transportation completedNo floral arrangements completed
Military honorsMilitary honors coordinated for servicesNo military honors coordinated
Graveside serviceStaff & equipment for graveside serviceNo staff available for graveside service
PricingItemized pricing from general price listPackaged offerings only
PaymentCash advances at arrangementsPayment in full at time of arrangements
TransportationHearse services availableVan used for transportation
CremainsCremains will be shipped to funeral homeCremains will be shipped to the family
Ash PickupFuneral home will hold ashes until pick upABCD will not take any liability for ashes
Timing of CremationCremation will take place after 48 hour waiting period Cremation will take place at our convenience
CrematoryMt. Hope Cemetery is crematoryMt. Hope Cemetery is crematory
Cemetery arrangementCemetery arrangements are part of services  No cemetery arrangements completed
Memorial/stone Memorial/stone work and lettering coordinatedNo memorial/stone work completed
Casket SelectionComplete selection of caskets and special ordersLimited selection of casket
Urn SelectionComplete selection of urns and special ordersLimited selection of urns
Vault SelectionComplete selection of outer burial containers for casketsLimited selection of vaults
Urns Vaults SelectionComplete selection of urn vaultsLimited selection of urn vaults