About Cremation in the State of Maine

  • Many people think that the remains are taken from the place of death directly to the crematory. However, in the State of Maine, there is a legally-required 48 hour waiting period between the time of death and the time a cremation can take place. During this 48 hour period, ABCD places the remains in secure refrigerated storage.
  • An authorization must be signed by the  legal next of kin authorizing cremation as the final means of disposition. This does not mean that the person signing the authorization has to be the person taking care of the financial obligations.
  • In Maine the cremation process is considered the legal final disposition. The next of kin has the legal authority to decide what to do with these cremains. They may choose to scatter the cremains in a special place that had meaning to their loved one, inter them in a cemetery, or place them in a decorative urn to be kept or interred.
  • ABCD does not own its own crematory because Maine law stipulates that only cemeteries may own crematories. ABCD’s trusted cremation partner is located in Bangor.